June 6, 2015
1 Month and 11 days left
until our reunion.

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Please visit the Classmates Page to find old friends.  Once you sign up on it, we will scan your picture from the 1970 yearbook, to help jog memories and hopefully help you reconnect with your friends from Ritenour.  Then look over the Missing Page to help us find the rest of the class.

The Class of 1970's 45th reunion to be held June 6, 2015 at the Overland VFW Hall on Midland Blvd.  You can help by sending information on those classmates that we missed connecting with for the 40th reunion.  They are still listed on the "Missing" page of this site.
We were successful enough to get 180 classmates together in 2010, let's make it at least 360 in 2015!

Dear Alma Mater, We render thanks to thee. We never can repay, our debt to thee. Though we afar may roam, and distant be from home, we will remember thee, Dear Ritenour High. Dear Alma Mater, when we must part from thee, sadly we leave thy gates, but we believe, the years we spent with thee, will live in memory. And guide us on our way, Dear Ritenour High.

Thanks to Mary Mary Konieczny Hutchinson for finding the above words to the Alma Mater.
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